Silvio Buchmeier | Composer/Orchestrator

Jardin intérieur (2019)

for string quartet

Duration: 7 minutes

premiered by the Jack Quartet, 18. April 2019 at New York University

“Jardin intérieur” (inner garden) is a reflection on my time in France where I attended the lycée Marguerite de Valois in Angoulême on an educational exchange. It is structured in six movements, each covering a memory or a sentiment from that time.

1. Anticipation | 2. Respire (breathe) | 3. La chute (the fall) | 4. L’angoisse (anxiety) | 5. Le givre (hoarfrost) | 6. Equilibre (balance) 

The piece is inspired by Moroccan Gnawa music and the writings of Japanese Buddhist monk Eihei Dōgen. While always moving forward there are also pauses and moments of realization that eventually culminate in a state of deeper understanding.

Unsere Geschichten (2019)

for string quartet and choir

Duration: 45 minutes

premiered by the Interglactical Choir and Calantha Quartet, 8. September 2019 Zurich Switzerland as part of the festival About us!